All of our sauces and bases are made in house. We work with local purveyors, including: Botánica, Hacienda la Punta, Latitud Cero, La Salumeria, Coffee Relief and more.

*We offer a gluten free dough for +$2


Born from the Ecuadorian tradition of celebrating ‘Day of the Dead’ with sweet breads called ‘Guaguas de Pan’, SOMOS developed the concept of a Guaguasa: an Ecuadorian pizza made with a sourdough yucca crust topped with local sauces and cheeses and shaped like a guagua -- Quechua word for ‘small child’. Enjoy!

The salty ones

Ahumada | 8

Leaf cheese, manaba cheese, smoked butter and chives

add artisanal ham +$3

Chola | 10

Leaf cheese, manaba cheese, tomato-based sauce with local spices (sofrito), roasted corn, cherry tomatoes and tree tomatoes sauce.

Manaba| 8

Leaf cheese, manaba cheese, pesto sauce made with cilantro and peanuts, seasonal spicy sauce

add shrimp + $4

oyster mushroom +$3

The semi-sweet ones

Serrana | 10

Leaf cheese, manaba cheese, goat yogurt emulsion, caramelized onions, roasted pears and mortiño balsamic vinegar.

BaByQ | 12

Leaf cheese, manaba cheese, artisanal ham, blackberry BBQ sauce and smoked pineapples

pulled pork +$3

Spicy for adventurers

Picky Picante | 12

Sofrito sauce, chistorra, provolone cheese and ají powder of the house


Grande Table Spetials

Crab GuaguaBurguer | 14

Hamburguer made with crab and shrimps, corn bread, lemon aioli, sal prieta and manaba ají


Bak Bak Sandwich | 10

Brioche, with tempura chicken, pickles, purple cabagge and chipotle sauce.

Sánduche de Pulled Pork | 8

Brioche, purple cabagge and carrots with yogurt, pulled pork with blackberry BBQ sauce.

Bowls and Salads

Manathai Salad | 6

Purple and green cabbage, carrots, green mango, thai vinaigrette with sal prieta.

Quínoa Bowl | 6

Quínoa, kale, manaba cheese, chochos, dry blueberries, golden berry vinaigrette and caramelized zambo seeds


Chicken +$3

Oyster mushroom +$3

Shrimps +$4


Baja tacos | 10

Catch of the day in tempura, pineapple pico de gallo sauce in corn tortillas, with manaba cheese.

Chanchito´s tacos | 10

Corn tortillas stuffed with maqueño with shredded pork


Yuca Bala | 2.5

Yucca dough with manaba cheese, filling with smoked leaf cheese


Ice cream sandwich: Passion fruit Cheesecake | 3.5

Ice cream sandwich: Red fruits Cheesecake | 3.5

Sorbete or Ice cream | 2.5

Asked and choose your flavor

Brownie | 3

Chocolate brownie 65% with Chocolate Ganache

Cookie | 2

Vanilla cookie with chocolate chips

Our delicious sweet guaguitas!

Guayabita | 6

Guayaba jelly with queso de hoja (cheese)

Dulce de leche | 6

Caramel sauce with queso de hoja (cheese)


We have made an alliance with SISTER'S THAT COOK because we love their products and we are FANS of their work. They have developed a line of DELICIOUS gluten-free products, with which we have prepared the dishes you see below... In addition, you can also find their items always on sale at our local store.

Waffles Llapingacho | 10

Baked corn waffles served with shredded pork, manaba cheese and mashed avocado

Waffles Bites | 8

Waffles de Choclo horneados acompañados de tres deliciosas salsas para dippear. (Ají ahumado de la casa, sofrito y mousse de aguacate)

Waffles Churros | 8

Baked corn waffles served with three delicious dipping sauces. (House smoked chili, sauce and avocado mousse)


We have partner with SISTERS THAT COOK because we adooore their products! Their team has developped a gluten-free line of products that are delicious and very healthy...From now on you can find all their product line available in our stores!

Waffles Sister's That Cook Choclo | 9.5

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside... Corn waffles made with greek yogurt, eggs, mozarella cheese, cassava starch, cornstarch, sea salt, ghee.

Waffles Sister's That Cook Yuca | 9.5

Inspired by the traditional Ecuadorian cassava bread, but with a spetial twist! Yucca starch waffles made with greek yogurt, eggs, mozarella cheese, sea salt, ghee.



Horchatilla Kombucha | 4.5

Sparkling water | 2.25

Bottle water | 1.75

Simple Lemonade | 2.5

Horchata Lemonade | 3.5

Shrub | 3

Lemon - Basil

Orange - mint

Seasonal Juices | 3.5

Mango and cucumber

Pine apple and lemongrass

Naranjilla y coco



To start the day with a smile, 90% chocolate, ishpingo, coffee, rhum and vanilla cream


A sweet dessert in a drink, fermented raisins, coffee, house ice-cream


House Mimosa

Agave Mimosa

Eucalyptus Mojito

Eucalyptus distilate, pineapple, lemon, sparkling water


House sangria with red and rose wine, orange juice, cedar syrup and fruits

Margarita the pastor

Ecuadorian agave, pineapple coulis, lemon juice and coriander salt.


House Wine per bottle (Red and white) | 25

House Wine per cup (Red and white) | 5


Bandidos Alta Amber | 4.5

Bandidos Hop Rey IPA | 4.5

Bandidos Bandolero Stout | 4.5

Santa Rosa French Oak |4.5

Santa Rosa American oak |4.5

Chicha | 4.5


Frutos citricos


Coffee from french press | 2.75

Hot Chocolate | 3.5

Tea | 2

**All of our prices include IVA **